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Chinese Businessman Offers Cash Reward to Swim in Polluted River

By February 24, 2013

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As concerns about China's pollution problems mounts, citizens are coming up with novel ways to voice their concerns to the government. Earlier this month, a man sold cans of clean air after a string of smoggy days and this past several businessmenhave come forward offering Chinese government officials cash to swim in polluted waterways, according to te Associated Press.

Jin Zengmin has offered local environmental protection chief Bao Zhenming 200,000 RMB ($32,000) to swim in a dirty river in Rui'an in Zhejiang Province. The local businessman said a rubber shoe factory has been dumping waste into the river.

The article also cites some alarming statistics: "Hu Siyi, vice minister of water resources, said last year that 20 percent of China's rivers were so polluted that their water quality was rated too toxic for human contact, and that up to 40 percent of the rivers were seriously polluted, according to state media."

Here's hoping China cleans up its act - cash reward or not.

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February 25, 2013 at 4:36 pm
(1) Tim Upham says:

The Chinese should not be offering cash to swim in polluted rivers, but should be using cash to clean them up. China can definitely learn from European countries about cleaning up polluted rivers. In Poland, the Vistula River was declared a “dead river” during the Communist Era. Now the river is so clean, that the city of Warsaw is getting its drinking water out of it. The Thames River was close to lifeless, and the British cleaned it up, so much that the odor from it is gone, and now salmon are swimming up it to spawn.

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