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About China
Guide picks
Basic information about China, including geography, climate, provinces, ethnic groups, population, and religions.

Feature Articles by Topic
Articles about Chinese festivals, names, food, games, traditions, legends and myths, and more.

Top 5 China Guide Books
A good guide book can help you have some general idea about a country quick.

Basic Info About China
Includes economy statistics, geography, climate, provinces, ethnic groups, population, religions and more.

Statistical Reports
Statistical reports from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, including the population census and the national economic and social development.

Ethnic Minorities
Information about Chinese ethnic minorities.

Chinese Colleges and Universities
A complete list of Chinese universities.

Embassy and Immigration
Links to Chinese embassies around the world.

Chinese Government
Links to Chinese government sites.

History of China, Chinese American, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Maps of China, names of provinces and basic information.

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