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Asian and Asian-American Studies
Guide picks
Here are links to colleges that offer Asian Studies and Asian-American Studies as an option for a major.

About.com's Guide for Asian-American College Students
Need help finding a college or university that is sensitive to the needs of Asian-Americans? How about one that offers Asian and Asian-American studies? Read my article to find out more information.

California State University
Located in Northridge, California, this school has a multidisciplinary department providing curriculum which analyzes the contributions of Americans of Asian and Pacific Island ancestry to American society.

Columbia University
Located in the hustle and bustle of New York City, this ivy league institution offers a major in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Asian-American Studies. They also offer an Asian-American Studies minor.

Cornell University
Located in Ithaca, New York. The program's undergraduate concentration affords students an opportunity to develop a multidisciplinary approach to the study of Asians in America.

Loyola University
Located in Chicago, Illinois. The minor in Asian and Asian American Studies provides an avenue for students to investigate the heritage and contemporary developments of Asia and Asians in America from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, fine arts, history, modern languages and literatures, philosophy, political science, sociology, and theology.

New York University
Located in the heart of New York City, New York, this major university's program offers interdisciplinary courses focusing on the experience of Asian Pacific Americans that cross the boundaries of literature, history, film criticism, art history, urban studies, and gender studies.

Northwestern University
Located in Evanston, Illinois. This program aims to provide students with an understanding of Asian American experiences as fundamental to the ongoing development of America and as linked to both the experiences of other racial minorities in the United States and the experiences of Asian migrants across the world.

Ohio State University
Located in Columbus, Ohio. This program is an interdisciplinary and comparative field that examines the cultures, histories, experiences, concerns, and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

Pitzer College
Located in Claremont, California, a city about 35 miles east of Los Angeles, this institution offers an interdisciplinary major in Asian-American Studies.

San Francisco State University
Located in the heart of San Francisco, California. This state school offers a major, minor, and masters program in Asian-American Studies.

Scripps College
A womens only college located in Claremont, California offering a self-designed interdisciplinary major or minor in Asian-American studies.

Stanford University
Located in Stanford, California. This ivy league institution offers major, minor, masters, and PhD programs in both Chinese and Japanese. The Asian-American portion is covered in a dual class with the Comparative Literature Dept..

University of California - Berkeley
Located in Berkeley, California, the Ethnic Studies Dept. offers both major and minor programs in Asian-American Studies which seeks to offer a unified and comprehensive undergraduate curriculum.

University of California - Davis
Located in Davis, California, this university offers an interdisciplinary major that examines the experiences of various Asian American groups in the United States. Pertinent to these experiences are the historical, cultural, legal, political, social- psychological, class, and gender contexts for Asian Americans.

University of California - Irvine
Located in Irvine, California, this institution offers a major and minor in Asian-American Studies, an interdisciplinary program which examines the historical and contemporary experiences of Asian-Americans after their arrival in the United States.

University of California - Los Angeles
Located in the busy entertainment capital of the US., this institution offers a major, minor, and masters program in Asian-American Studies. Their web site is very comprehensive with useful links to research before you go jumping into a decision about a school.

University of California - Riverside
Located in Riverside, California, this institution has a major in Asian-American Studies. Offered through their Ethnic Studies Dept., this Asian-American Studies major is the systematic and comparative examination of the relationship in this unique culture.

University of California - Santa Barbara
Located in Santa Barbara, California, this institution offers a major and minor in Asian-American Studies.

University of Pennsylvania
Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with an interdisciplinary program that offers a Minor and a broad range of courses and activities, it explores the historical and contemporary experiences of Asian immigrants and of persons of Asian ancestry in North America, and the relevance of those experiences for understanding race and ethnicity in national and global contexts.

University of Southern California
Located in Los Angeles, California, they offer a major and minor in Asian-American Studies. Asian-American Studies is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with a critical understanding of the historical, cultural, social and political experience of Asian Pacific Americans

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Located in Madison, Wisconsin, this interdisciplinary program is devoted to the teaching, research, and cultural activities of Americans of Asian ancestry. The Program serves as a teaching and resource center not only for Asian Americans but for the University community as a whole.

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