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Chinese Calendar
Guide picks
Chinese lunar calendar, lucky days, 12 animal signs, history of Chinese calendar and Western-Chinese calendar converter.

Find Your Animal Sign
The place to find your animal sign using your birthday.

Chinese Calendar 2002
The calendar is mostly in Chinese.

Chinese Astrology -- Chinafrontier
With Chinese astrological profiles.

Chinese Farmer's Calendar
Enter the date to get the Chinese Lunar Date and to check lucky or unlucky events for the day.

Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar
Includes online calendars, lunar calendar conversion, astronomical calendar, civil calendar, explanation dialog, birth chart (astrology), city longitudes, time zone chart, and more.

Chinese Calendar
The Chinese calendar is based on exact astronomical observations of the longitude of the sun and the phases of the moon.

Chinese Horoscope
Offers a simple chart of animal signs with descriptions and dates so you can easily figure out your sign.

Chinese Horoscope
The 12 signs of Chinese horoscope and their ruling years.

Chinese Horoscope
Information on the 12 signs.

Find Event Lucky Days
To find all luck days for an event.

Online Chinese Almanac
Includes the things to do, things to avoid, 4 pillars of the day, auspicious/inauspicious times for the day and other information.

A program runs on Windows to enumerates 160 years of Chinese lunar calendar.

The Tao of Meow
To find your sign and learn some Chinese horoscope.

Chinese Calendar
A article about the mathematics of the Chinese calendar.

Chinese Calendar
PostScript and PDF files of the Chinese calendar.

Chinese Calendar
Includes some historical background and answers to commonly asked questions.

Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion
Converts dates between the solar and lunar years.

LUNAR : Gregorian Solar/Chinese Lunar Calendar Conversion
A handy converter.

Western-Chinese Calendar Converter
Includes a converter and links.

Go to Chinese Horoscope/Astrology

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