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Chinese Culture Center and Articles
Guide picks
A list of Chinese culture centers around the world.

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade
The annual Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco is the largest Chinese New Year celebration in the United States.

Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
Established in 1965 to foster the understanding and appreciation of Chinese and Chinese American art, history, and culture in the United States.

Chinese Culture Center - Hartford, Connecticut
Chinese Culture Center was founded in 1980.

Chinese Culture Center in Seattle
Mostly in Chinese.

Chinese in Indonesia
Includes news, current focus, and links.

Chinese in Kampuchea (Cambodia)
Articles about Chinese in Cambodia.

Chinese in India
Articles about Chinese in India.

Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia
Includes culture, politics, education and organization and more.

Chinese in Myanmar (Burma)
Articles and news.

Chinese in Philippines
News and events about Chinese in Philippines.

Chinese in Singapore
Includes articles about Chinese culture, events and more.

Chinese in Thailand
Articles about Chinese in Thailand.

Chinese in Japan
Articles about Chinese in Japan.

Chinese in Korea
Articles about Chinese in Korea.

Chinese in Nepal
Articles about Chinese in Nepal.

Chinese in Vietnam
Articles and news about Chinese in Vietnam.

Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia
Hundreds of thousands of ethnic Chinese and communist sympathizers were slaughtered in race riots, and had their businesses nationalized.

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver
Conceived in 1973.

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
A non-profit, non-political organization for residents of the Greater Toronto area, founded in 1998.

Chinese Cultural Centre
Located in Calgary's Chinatown, Canada.

Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
A non-profit organization to promote and preserve Chinese American and Chinese history and culture, based in Santa Clara County, California. It was founded in 1987.

Institute of Chinese Culture
Founded in Houston in 1970, became the first non-profit, formally chartered Chinese language school and cultural organization in Texas.

Chinese Information and Culture Center
Located in midtown Manhattan's Rockefeller Center, is New York's largest public resource center for Chinese culture and contemporary life in Taiwan.

Chinese Culture Center of TECO in Houston
In Chinese.

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