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Chinese Dance
Guide picks
Chinese folk, classical, minority dances, Chinese Ballet and contemporary Chinese dance.

Chi-Lin is a stirring union of Chinese mythology and classical ballet performed to the music of renowned composer Bright Sheng.

Chinese Folk Dance
Offers dance classes by New York Chinese Cultural Center.

Toronto Chinese Dance Company
Performs classical, folk, and contemporary Chinese dance.

Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company
Introduces students to classical and folk dances from China with a variety of different dance styles in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Choreographer and performer Yu Wei blends elements of Chinese history and culture with modern and traditional Chinese dance forms.

Lorita Leung Chinese Dance
Performs Chinese folk, classical and minority dances, as well as Chinese Ballet and contemporary Chinese dance.

Atlanta Chinese Dance Company
Teaches and performs Chinese dance.

Cindy Yang Dance Academy
Teaches and performs Chinese dance with course schedule in Vancouver BC.

Chinese Dance Workshop
Teaches and performs Chinese dance in Toronto.

Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan: Chinese Dance
Chinese dance has its own unique vocabulary, semantics, and syntactic structure.

Dance Beijing
Performs and teaches Chinese traditional dance..

Dance Academy (Kuching)
Teaches and performs Chinese dance in Malaysia.

CAAM Chinese Dance Theater
A dance school for youth and community development by Chinese American Association of Minnesota.

Lion Dance
Resources of lion dance, lion design, and other folk games and arts.

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