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About Chinese Dragon
Guide picks
Resources of Chinese dragon and phoenix, dragon culture, tales and more.

Chinese Dragon Culture
From your About.com Guide. Chinese consider themselves, the descendants of the dragon.

Chinese Dragon
Some history about Chinese dragon.

Dragon & Phoenix
The dragon and the phoenix are the principal motifs for decorative designs on the buildings, clothing and articles of daily use in the imperial palace.

Dragons in Ancient China
Introduction to dragons in Chinese architecture, paintings, and royal robes.

Tales from the Land of Dragons
Exhibition of Chinese paintings from the MFA's permanent collection in its 125 year history.

World Mythology: Dragon Robe
Information on key ideas, story, background and discussion.

Chinese New Year
Articles about Chinese new year.

Dragon Stories
Information on a gift of a giant golden dragon sculpture from the People's Government of Beijing Municipality.

Liu Yi
A story about Liu Yi and the daughter of the Dragon King.

The Dragon's Pearl
A story about a boy, Xiao Sheng.

The Luminous Pearl
The story of the beautiful daughter of the Eastern Sea Dragon King.

Go to Dragon
Includes dragon dance, dragon boat festival, and more.

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