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Asian-American Job Resources
Guide picks
Links to job resources for Asian-Americans for companies looking for individuals with bilingual skills.

Since 1994, Asia-Net has been serving the Asia/Pacific-Rim business community by providing career information to professionals.

Strategic business information on the Asia-Pacific Markets.

Asian-American Actors Database
A project created by The Workshop in New York City, this is the place to find Asian and Asian-American actors for your film, video, and theater projects.

Asian-American Journalists Association
A non-profit organization with approximately 1,700 members in eighteen chapters nationwide and in Asia. This is their 19th year of commitment to the professional advancement of its members and have been in the forefront of ensuring fair and accurate news coverage of the Asian Pacific American communities.

Asian Diversity, Inc.
Formerly named IPS International, Inc. was founded in 1987, with a mission is to promote diversity in the workplace. In particular, providing employers access to talented Asian-American professionals as well as aiming to offer a broad range of career choices for Asian-American candidates in mainstream American corporations.

Asian Women in Business
A not-for-profit membership organization founded in 1995 to assist Asian women to realize their entrepreneurial potential. AWIB fills a vital need for women who need information, education and networking opportunities to start or expand their businesses.

Association of South Asian Professionals, ASAP-NJ
An organization comprising of professionals from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other neighboring countries, and people interested in South Asian culture in South Asia, residing in the NY/NJ metropolitan area.

Chinese Software Professionals Association
Focused on events and activities for dedicated and enthusiastic Silicon Valley computer software professionals based in San Jose, California.

Dallas Asian-American Bar Association (DAABA)
Founded to promote the interests of Asian-American attorneys and the Asian-American community in Dallas, Texas. It is a chapter of the National Asian/Pacific-American Bar Association ("NAPABA").

The One-Stop Career and Self-Development Site devoted to serving the cultural and career-related needs of all minorities. Check out the "Asian-American Village" section of their website.

Links to jobs in Asia specifically Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Links to job listings and resources for the Asia Pacific Rim.

Korean-American Professional Society (KAPS) - SF
A nonprofit organization that is devoted to the professional and social development of Korean Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide a forum for networking, community service, and political involvement.

Korean-American Professional Society (KAPS) - Seattle
A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting friendship and understanding among Korean Americans and our communities, and to improving the social and professional well-being of Korean Americans throughout the Puget Sound region.

National Association of Asian-American Professionals (NAAAP)
Committed to the advancement of professionalism of Asian-Americans, the promotion of the Asian-American community and its multi-cultural heritage, and the enrichment of American society.

Network of Indian Professionals - North America
A non-profit organization dedicated to the professional and cultural development, community service, philanthropy and the overall advancement of South Asian-Americans and the communities in which they work and live.

Organization of Chinese Americans Young Professionals
Made up of young Asian-American professionals in their twenties and thirties who work in the D.C. Metro area, who are committed to having fun, meeting people and helping others.

SAJA: South Asian Journalists Assocation
Established in March 1994 with 18 members, which has now grown to over 800+. A professional networking group for journalists, its goal is to foster ties among South Asian journalists in North America and improve standards of journalistic coverage of South Asia and South Asian America.

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