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Asian-American Activist Organizations
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Here are links to activist organizations with contact information fighting for awareness and rights for all Asians in America.

Committee of 100
A national non-partisan organization composed of American citizens of Chinese descent to address important issues concerning the Chinese-American community.

National Asian American Telecommunications Association
A non-profit media organization focused on exposing Asian and Asian American voices.

Anti-Asian Violence Network
Hotlist of Asian-American political organizations fighting for equality, awareness, and basic rights for Asian-Americans in the U.S.

API Circles
A network of Asian-American/Pacific Islander groups in the Bay Area, California organized to build a progressive community through social, political, and artistic/cultural events.

Asian, Inc.
A tax-exempt technical assistance and research organization incorporated in 1971 and dedicated to assisting the Asian American communities of Northern California in their physical, economic, and social development.

Asian Law Caucus
This group seeks to promote, advance and represent the legal and civil rights of the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Recognizing that social, economic, political and racial inequalities continue to exist in the United States, they are committed to the pursuit of equality and justice for all.

Asian Pacific American Network (APAnet)
A coalition and network of Asian Pacific Americans, which are community-based non-profit organizations with the goal to encourage the use of computer-networking and information technologies to empower and increase the effectiveness of organizations to better serve Asian-American communities.

Seeking to promote the personal development of Asian-American youth by providing them with Asian-American adult role models.

Asian-American Civic Association
This organization has been active in Boston's Asian community for the past 30 years. Its fundamental purpose is to help Asian immigrants and refugees to successfully adjust to life and achieve economic self-sufficiency in the United States.

Asian-American Coalition
This organization's goal is to unite all Asian Americans as a predominant force for strengthening Asian American community in the United States and recognizing Asian traditional and cultural values, while making its contributions to American democracy.

Asian-American Exchange (A.X,)
AX is the only organization in Chicago dedicated to build a complete social network for all Chicago Asian-Americans. We provide members with access not only to a citywide but also to a virtual nationwide network of Asian-American social, professional and community events, including our own events in Chicago.

Asian-American Federation of New York
A not-for-profit umbrella organization of thirty-six health and human service agencies that address the needs of Asian Americans in metropolitan New York. Since it began operations in 1990, the Federation has been an important resource and a critical voice for the Asian American community.

Asian-American Journalists Association
A non-profit organization with approximately 1,700 members in eighteen chapters nationwide and in Asia. This is their 19th year of commitment to the professional advancement of its members and have been in the forefront of ensuring fair and accurate news coverage of the Asian Pacific American communities.

Asian-American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Founded in 1974 as the first legal rights organization on the East Coast serving Asian Americans by a group of lawyers, law students and community activists who believed that the law should be used as a tool to achieve social and economic justice for Asian Americans and all Americans.

Asian-American Politics
This site is run by Don W. Joe, an Asian-American lawyer who encourages Asian-Americans to get out there and vote. He has links to the latest hot topics as well as a list of Asian-American politicians who are in office today.

Asian-Americans for Community Outreach
An organization dedicated to creating a forum in the San Francisco Bay Area where Asian-American professionals and students can meet and foster the common goal of community service benefiting the Asian-American community.

Asian-Americans for Equality
Asian-Americans For Equality is a community-based, nonprofit organization founded in 1974 to advocate for equal opportunities for minorities. Evolving from a purely voluntary, grassroots beginning, AAFE continues to improve the quality of life for immigrant communities throughout New York City, New York.

An online community outreach organization and e-zine. This organization is organized to increase Asian-Pacific awareness within the community, promoting issues like Anti-Tobacco, Safe Sex, and many other APA related social issues.

Chinese for Affirmative Action
This organization seeks to defend and promote the civil and political rights of Chinese and Asian Americans within the context of, and in the interest of, advancing multiracial democracy in the United States.

CSC: Chinatown Service Center
Located in Chinatown, Los Angeles, a predominantly low income neighborhood. For decades, the Chinatown area has served as the primary enclave for recently arrived Chinese immigrants and refugees. This organization's goal is to help by responding to crises and issues in the community.

CSWA: Chinese Staff & Workers' Association
Founded in 1979, CSWA is one of the first workers' centers in this country. They are the only organization in New York that brings together Chinese immigrant workers of all trades and have addressed the most key issues affecting the lives of Chinese working people.

FAWN: Filipino American Women's Network
A volunteer organization serving the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Its mission is to empower Filipino Americans through education, leadership development and dialogue.

Harvard Chinatown Adventure
A Harvard summer day camp program for children ages 6-13 providing for the needs of Boston's chinatown.

Harvard Chinatown Committee
This Harvard University effort is focused on improving the Chinese community in Boston's chinatown with creative outreach programs.

Hmong National Development, Inc.
A national non-profit organization developing capacity to insure the full participation of Hmong people in society.

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