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Chinese Pop & Folk Songs Lyrics
Guide picks
Chinese is a melodic language so what can be better than learning it through songs? Here are links to sites with lyrics or legally downloadble audio files of pop, folk, traditional songs and Beijing (Peking) opera.

Chinese and Cantonese Songs Collection
A collection of MIDI files.

Zhake's Midi Pub
An extensive collection of mostly modern Cantonese songs.

Lamb Music
Chinese Christian Songs.

Coolman's Super Chinese Lyrics Page
Collection of lyrics, donwloadable files and purchasable CDs.

Chinese Folk Songs
A formidable compilation of information about singers with links to their songs.

Chinese Pop Lyrics Archive
A very extensive collection.

Lyrics Station
Chinese pop songs lyrics classified - gif files,no font or viewer required.

Chinese Songs Lyrics
In Simplified Chinese.

Singapore Songs
Patriotic songs for download in various formats from the government web site.

I Like Chinese
Lyrics for the (in)famous Monty Python's song.

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