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The Drink and Dream Teahouse

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The Bottom Line

A must read if you want to know China
  • Well-developed characters
  • Realistic and profound observations
  • A beautiful book
  • See the review below


  • Fiction, hardcover, 368 pages
  • Published by Little, Brown & Company, Oct 2001
  • ISBN: 0316824003

Guide Review - The Drink and Dream Teahouse

The book is the creation of Justin Hill's observations and experiences in the town of Shaoyang. China has been changing rapidly in recent years and so is Shaoyang. But Shaoyang is an old industrial town and most people in the town somehow depend on the Number Two Space Rocket Factory so it makes many people's lives particularly hard when the factory is closed. I am greatly moved by the author's observations of many Chinese things and the well-developed characters. He is apparently rooted in the town and the people deeply. It makes a little harder though for those who know very little about China to understand some of the things. There are some minor things the author might have missed. Overall, it is a good book.
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