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Travel Guide
Guide picks

China Photo Gallery
Pictures of the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tian Tan, the Summer Palace, and more.

Travel and Cities
Articles about Chinese cities and attractions.

Top 5 China Guide Books
If you want to travel to China, a good guide book will be very useful for you.

Airline and Schedule
To find out your airlines and schedules to China.

China Attraction
Resources of attractions and city guides of China.

China Experience
Stories, daily reports, pictures and reflections from China trips.

China Hotel Guide
A list of hotels in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Travel Agent and Guided Tours
Resources of travel packages to China, news, travel guide, and more.

General Travel Sites
Travel sites to China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Embassy and Consulate
Links to Embassy and Consulates in many cities.

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