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Guide picks
Resources about Chinese women, their life and history.

Amy Tan
Includes interviews and biography, books and reviews, and more.

Chinese American Women
Chinese American literature, life and history.

Elaine Chao
Links about Elaine Chao with articles.

Empress Dowager Cixi
Includes Empress Dowager Cixi's biography, pictures, Summer Palace and books.

Chinese Beauty
Resources related to Chinese beauty including traditions, culture, and history.

Nvwa Mended the Firmament
The story about Nvwa, the ancestor of mankind in the mythology of ancient China.

Women's Culture and Writing in the 1990s
Take a look of the revolution of Chinese women's literature and culture during the 90s.

Asiapac - 100 Celebrated Chinese Women
Chinese history through the stories of these women.

Protection of the Rights of Women and Children
Whitepaper from Fifty Years of Progress in China's Human Rights.

Women in Chinese History
A list of books about Chinese women.

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