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The Natural Beauty of Wulingyuan

Wulingyuan is located in Hunan Province, China. Wulingyuan is known as the Wulingyuan scenic area, including Zhangjiajie, the Tianzi Mountains, and Suoxi Valley. The scenery of Wulingyuan is truly spectacular. I really don't know how to describe its beauty using words, but the brief description from the world heritage list is here.

"A spectacular area stretching over more than 26,000 hectares in China's Hunan Province, the site is distinguished by more than 3,000 narrow sandstone pillars and peaks, many over 200 metres high. Between the peaks lie ravines and gorges with streams, pools and waterfalls, some 40 caves, as well as two large natural bridges. In addition to the striking beauty of its landscape, the region is also noted for the fact that it shelters a number of endangered plant and animal species."

Here are a few pictures for you to have some idea about Wulingyuan's scenery. Zhangjiajie is the first national forest park in China.

Don't miss the virtual tour of Wulingyuan from Chinavista. And here is the link of Zhangjiajie.

I have to say pictures are useful for memory if you have been there. The best way to enjoy the natural beauty is to feel it and to touch it since nature is live.

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