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FangBao Game
Chinese Games for Kids

When I was a kid, to have a toy as a birthday gift was almost never happened. In those days, kids had no expectation to get toys on birthdays. While toys were really seldom seen, we created our own toys to play many games. I am going to introduce a few traditional Chinese games for kids from the old days in this series. They are easy to learn and fun, and need some work from kids.

The first game in this series is a simple paper game and I don't remember if there is a name for it. Let us call it FangBao. Fang means square and Bao means treasure. This game is for kids 5 to 10 years old. It is usually played by two kids.

Making Fangbao

Fangbao is very easy to make. Just follow the steps below.

  • Take two pieces of 4x6 papers and fold each piece by the short side together (so it becomes 2x6). Fold one side as a triangle (see the left figure in the following). Then put one on the other and fold them like the right figure.


  • Similarly fold the other side of each piece as a triangle like the one on the left below. The final fangbao you made should look like the two fangbaoes shown in the right picture below. Make the fangbao as flat as possible.


If two kids play this game against each other, each kid should make at least 5 fangbaoes.

Play the Fangbao Game

Let's say two kids playing the game. Each kid has 5 fangbaoes.

  • Place for the game
    The best place for the game is on a cement ground in the backyard or near the front door. Draw two lines 3 to 4 feet apart, one line as the starting line and the other as the ending line. If you have a down step, it will be perfect for the ending line.

  • Method for playing the game
    Each kid places one fangbao on the starting line. They will hit each other's fangbao towards the ending line using their fangbaoes. They play in turn, i.e., a kid plays once each time. The fangbao will hold where it is after it is hit and will start from there on the next play. If the fangbao passes the ending line or fall down the step as a result of your play, you will keep that fangbao. The kid who lost the fangbao will place a new fangbao on the starting line. At the end, the kid with the most fangbaoes wins the game.

  • Technique
    The trick is to try to hit the edge of the fangbao on the ground using your fangbao. Hold the side of your fangbao by putting your thumb under your fangbao and your other four fingers on top of the fangbao. Then swing your arm cross your body quickly to give the fangbao certain speed before you let it go to hit the fangbao on the ground. Keep in mind, the hitting angle of your fangbao is also important for best results.

We will have new games for kids over next a few weeks, so please come back!

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