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The Wedding of Tiffany and Peter

Dateline: 11/10/98

I would like to welcome you to Tiffany and Peter's wedding photo gallery. The main idea for this gallery is not only to share the happiness with this newly "weds" but also to show the wonderful beauty of Chinese wedding culture. Despite the distance between China and the United States, Chinese Americans have kept their culture and traditions similar to their ethnic counterpart in the homeland. Many Chinese view their culture as one of the most valuable gifts from their ancestors. typ1

There are many traditions for Chinese wedding. It'll be interesting to see how the Chinese wedding traditions are followed by the new couple, Tiffany and Peter. Tiffany is from Taiwan and Peter is from Hong Kong. After knowing each other for six years, they decided to share their lives together in love. I want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to feature their wedding here.

The wedding date is very important for Chinese. Tiffany and Peter's wedding was scheduled on October 3, 1998, which was a good day for wedding. That day turned out to be a beautiful day, with sunshine in the skies and ocean breeze from the bay. The wedding began with a traditional tea ceremony in the morning. Then the wedding ceremony was held in a Catholic church in the Sunset District of San Francisco. When the formal wedding ceremony ended, people took a motorized cable car to tour around the city and took pictures with the Bride and Groom. The Wedding Banquet closed the wedding at night in a Chinese restaurant in Downtown San Francisco.

There are two sets of photos, one taken by professionals before the wedding and one taken on the wedding day. We will start from the wedding photos taken before the wedding. Just click on the following double-happiness sign to see the next page or photo.


Click on the double-happiness above to see the next photo.

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