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Yellow Emperor
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Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) and Yandi (Yan Emperor) are generally regarded as the ancestors of the Huaxia race. His surname is Ji and he is called Xuanyuan. He is the son of Shaodian.

It is believed there were many tribes settled down near Yellow River and engaged in farming about 4,000 years ago. Huangdi was the chief of a large tribe lived around Ji River. As the legend goes, at that time, Yan Emperor disturbed the other tribes in the region and Yellow Emperor defeated Yan Emperor at Banquan. Later the tribes lead by Huangdi killed Chiyou, a troublemaker, who was the chief of a large tribe in the east. Then he became the leader of all the tribes.

It is also believed there were many inventions originated from the time of Yellow Emperor, such as characters, ships and carts, medicines, music, sericiculture and some daily utensils. Thus Huangdi was said to be the founder of Chinese civilization.

Huangdi is also regarded as the central god among the five gods in the heaven in Chinese mythology.

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