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Chinese Games & Kids Games

Chinese Games for Kids: Chinese Yo-Yo
Introduction to the traditional game kids love!

Chinese Games for Kids: FangBao Game
How to make fangbao and play the game.

Chinese Games for Kids: Piaji
How to make and play the traditional Chinese game, Piaji.

Chinese Games for Kids: The Eagle and the Chicks
A fun chasing game for outdoor.

Classic Chinese Games on the Net
Part I: Chinese Chess.

Classic Chinese Games on the Net
Part II: Go (Weiqi).

Classic Chinese Games on the Net
Part III: Majong (Mahjong).

Asian Games XIII
Learn more about the 13th Asian Games, Dec. 6-20, 1998.

Chinese Games
Links to Chinese games, such as Chinese chess, go, majong, Si Guo War, and more.

Links in Chinese GB.

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