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Chinese Legends and Gods

Houyi Shot the Suns
Houyi (or Yi) was the hero who shot the suns in the ancient mythology of China.

Chinese Ghost
The story about Zhuxi and ghosts.

The Gate Gods
The custom for the Chinese New Year.

Kitchen God
The tradition of Chinese New Year.

Yellow Emperor
Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) is generally regarded as the ancestor of the Huaxia race.

Shennong, also called Yan Emperor, was the god of farming and Chinese medicine in the mythology of ancient China.

Yao Emperor
Yao was an emperor in the ancient legend of China. He was regarded as an ideal emperor in people's mind.

KuaFu Chased the Sun
A god named KuaFu determined to have a race with the sun.

Mulan Goes to Disney
Disney's latest animated movie.

A story about the monster and Chinese New Year.

Nvwa Mended the Firmament
The story about Nvwa, the ancestor of mankind in the mythology of ancient China.

Nv Wa
The first heroine in Chinese history.

Fuxi is the legendary god in the mythology of ancient China.

Pan Gu Creates the World
The Chinese legend about Pan Gu.

Town God Temple
In almost every large and medium-sized city in China, one can find a Chenghuang Temple or Town God Temple. In the temple, sits a statue of the town god.

Chinese Stories
Inclues tales, legends, folk stories and Chinese traditions.

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