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Chinese Traditions and Culture

Top 5 Books on Chinese Tradition
Chinese customs and traditions are very rich. Here are a few books may help you learn some of them.

Bamboo Culture
Bamboo is one of the four favorite plants along with Chinese plum, orchid and chrysanthemum, the so-called Four Men of Honor by the Chinese.

Yin and Yang
In Chinese culture, Yin and Yang represent the two opposite principles in nature.

Jade Culture
The Chinese love jade because of not only its beauty, but also more importantly its culture, meaning and humanity.

Chinese Manners
A guideline of Chinese manners in daily life and business.

Live in Style - The Fashionable Life of Beijing Youth
The Chinese youth, especially the white collars in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, now form a fashion of seeking stylish life.

Birthday Customs of the Newborn and Elderly
Chinese people put their family in a very important position as they regard it as a means to keep the family blood stream continuously running.

Chinese Silk and the Silk Road
Silk is discovered in China as one of the best materials for clothing. Want to know when or where or how it is discovered?

Chinese Qipao
Qipao (Ch'ipau) is one of the most typical, traditional costumes for Chinese women.

Chinese Wedding
A list of articles about Chinese wedding and traditions.

Colorful Rice Cooked in Bamboo Tubes
On the third day of the third lunar month each year, five-color rice in bamboo tubes is cooked and enjoyed by the Miao minority in China.

Unique Letters
People of the Jingpo minority in Yunan Province are well known for their cleverness at writing letters in objects rather than ink.

Magpie, a Symbol of Happiness
Magpie is a symbol of happiness in Chinese culture. The singing of a magpie foretells happiness and good luck.

Asian American Dreams
A book review and an email interview with Helen Zia.

Chinese Ghost
The story about Zhuxi and ghosts.

Chinese Lunar Calendar
About Chinese lunar calendar and related customs and traditions.

Chinese Stone Lions
The symbol for power and prestige.

A Chinese Vest Doudu
The story of the traditional Chinese dress for kids.

Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism
The essence of the traditional Chinese culture.

Double Happiness
The story about the Chinese character.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient art related to the law and order of the universe and the power of nature. Can Feng Shui bring happiness to us?

Gang Life in Chinatown
A book review and an email interview with Bill Lee, author of Chinese Playground: A Memoir.

Origin of Chinese Characters
The development of Chinese characters over 5000 years.

Splendid Slippers
A book review about the ancient Chinese erotic tradition.

A Story of the Dog Hat
A folk custom in the countryside of China.

Tiger Shoes
The tradition and story about Tiger Shoes.

What Confucius Means to Me
An interesting personal story of Dr. George Koo about his thoughts on Confucius.

Women's Culture and Writing in the 1990s
The revolution of Chinese women's literature and culture during the 90s.

Tibetan Food Today
Along with development in the economy and popularity of scientific knowledge in Tibet, Tibetans can now pay attention to nutrition, hygiene and scientific diet therapy.

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