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Chinese Calligraphy
Guide picks
To learn one of the traditional four arts - Chinese Calligraphy.

About Calligraphy
Introduction to Chinese calligraphy including pictures of works by the Masters.

Art Gallery
Resources of Chinese art works including paintings, handwritings, calligraphy and more.

Chinese Names
To get your name translated in Chinese characters.

Frequently Asked Chinese Words
Here is a collection of Chinese characters in gif format.

Top 10 Books on Chinese Calligraphy
Books are very useful for learning Chinese calligraphy. Here are the top picks.

Chinese Script
About oracle inscriptions and the origin of the Chinese script.

Seal Carving
Introduction to the Chinese art of seal carvings.

Chinese Calligraphy
Calligraphy pages in Chinese.

Language Resources
Includes books, dictionary, online learning tools, software, translation services and more.

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