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Guide picks
Includes Chinese novels, stories, poetry, Chinese classics and martial arts.

Includes recommended books about Chinese culture and literature, and Links to sites selling Chinese books on the Net.

Children Literature
Includes Chinese tales, classical readings, stories of Chinese idioms and proverbs.

Chinese Literature in English
Includes Tang poems, works by Lu Xun, Chinese classic works by Confucius, Zhuang Zi, etc.

Chinese Story
From your About.com Guide. Many interesting Chinese stories, idioms and proverbs.

Criticism & Theory
Criticism and theory of Chinese literature.

Folk Literature
Includes Chinese riddles, fables, myths, fantasies, jokes, and tales.

Magazines on the Net
Here are many excellent Chinese magazines on the Net.

Classical, contemporary, romance, martial arts and historical novels.

Resources of Chinese opera and drama.

Philosophy & Classical Works
Many classical works by the greatest thinkers.

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