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Includes Ba Gua trigrams and hexagrams, bagua mirrors, and feng shui.
Ancient Chinese Ba Gua Trigrams and Hexagrams
Introduction to the bagua diagram.
Feng Shui based on the concept of the Ba-Gua.
Bagua Mirrors
Sells bagua mirrors.
Your Kua Number and Flying Stars
To find your Kua Number and Flying Stars using your birthday.
What is your Kua ?
Introduction to Kuo (Gua).
Know Your Kua Number
Feng As part of compass feng shui, Kua numbers are derived by certain formulae. Each Kua number signifies a certain auspicious or inauspicious orientation.
KUA number calculation
Basic principles KUA number calculation Feng Shui entrance door Chinese Zodiac.
Your Kua Number
The simple formula used to calculate the Kua Number.
Ba Gua Diagram
The Ba Gua Ocotagon is used in feng shui to help determine preferred locations for certain functions in the home or office.
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