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Chinese Business and Economy

The Chinese economy is one of the largest and fastest growing in the world. Learn all about Chinese business and how its economy is affecting global trade and commerce.

China's Railway System
China's train system is one of the biggest and most affordable in the world, and it's only growing bigger and faster.

Tencent is a Chinese tech company that dominates the instant messaging and gaming industries.

Face Culture in China
Understanding the way Chinese business works starts with understanding the all-important concept of face.

China's E-commerce Culture
China's e-commerce industry is exploding, but things work a little differently on the Chinese web.

China's traffic troubles
China has some of the worst traffic in the world. How does the country cope?

China's Internet Sector: What You Need to Know
An overview of China's internet sector, including the most profitable players in the market and the problems that still plague China's web.

Chinese Etiquette - Chinese Etiquette Tips
Learnt tips to understanding Chinese Traditions and Chinese Culture.

Chinese Etiquette – Chinese Dining Etiquette
Learn Chinese dining etiquette tips.

Car Manufacturing in China
In a country where bicycles once outnumbered cars as the preferred mode of transportation, consumers are clamoring to get behind the wheel. The factory of the world has become the second largest auto producer in the world. Here’s how.

2011 Year in Review: Top 10 China Stories 2011
From the arrest of Chinese dissidents to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, read about the top 10 China stories in 2011.

A Brief History of the Renminbi (Yuan)
Everything you wanted to know about China's currency.

China’s Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
Learn about China’s Special Economic Zones (SEZ); what they are and where they are in China.

China's Response to the Global Financial Crisis
A look at how China is dealing with the global financial downturn.

Chinese Culture - Learn All About Chinese Etiquette
Learn all about Chinese Culture. Learn the proper way to meet new people, visit a Chinese home, and participate in a Chinese meeting. Also, get advice on giving gifts and get tips on proper gift-giving etiquette.

Explanation of China's $586b Stimulus Package
Details of China's $586 billion financial stimulus package explained.

Chinese Customs: Meeting People
Learn the proper Chinese customs for meeting new people.

Chinese Business - Chinese Business Meeting Etiquette
Learn the proper Chinese business etiquette for hosting and attending a Chinese business meeting.

Chinese Etiquette: Visiting a Chinese Home
Learn the proper Chinese etiquette for visiting a Chinese home.

Chinese Banquet Etiquette
Learn the proper etiquette for hosting and attending a Chinese banquet.

China: 2010 Year in Review
2010 was a busy year in China. Take a look at the top 10 China news stories that had people talking worldwide.

What People are Saying about China's Stimulus Package
What experts, bloggers and journalists are saying about China's economic stimulus package.

Subways in China
Everything you need to know about China's subways, and why and how people ride the subway in the Middle Kingdom.

Baidu is one of China's biggest and most influential internet companies.

Sina is one of China's earliest, biggest, and most successful internet companies.

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