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Chinese Characters, Script, Writing, Symbols

Includes info about Chinese characters and learning resources on writing Chinese script.
Chinese Names
Have over 4,000 names on the Chinese Name list translated from Western names.
Frequently Asked Chinese Characters
A large collection of Chinese characters in gif format, including animal signs, Chinese numbers and some popular words.
Fascinating Chinese Characters
The Fascinating Chinese Characters section features the most-often-used 3500 Chinese characters with their meanings and pronunciations.
Chinese Culture Store
Features products with lucky Chinese characters, animal signs and lucky figures.
Chinese Characters FAQs
All you have ever wanted to ask about Chinese characters.
Order of Strokes
How to write Chinese characters
Chinese Characters -- Introduction
History and classification of Chinese characters. From U. of Oregon.
Ancient Scripts of the World: The Chinese Writing System
Stages of Chinese writing, picture chart of the script's evolution. From Berkeley University.
Animated Chinese Characters
Learning Chinese? Animated GIFs show you how to draw Chinese characters.
Chinese Character Pronunciations
Copy-and-paste any Chinese text to get the transliterated pronunciation of each Chinese character. Cantonese and Mandarin in the Big5 and GB codes.
Introduction to Characters
Pure and simple with picture files.
Frequency and Stroke Counts of Chinese Characters
List of frequency of usage and number of strokes of the 13,060 Big5 Chinese characters.
Daoist Chinese Characters
Learn what the Chinese characters mean!
Wenlin Chinese Learning Software
Characters learning tool with a dictionary, text editor, flashcards, available on CD-ROM.
Six Ways of Looking at Chinese Characters
Demistifying Chinese characters. A nicely illustrated page explaining various aspects of the Chinese script.
Chinese Characters
An interesting page tying Chinese characters into the Bibleical context.
A Study of Chinese Writing Systems
A deep insight into Chinese characters.
Origin of the Chinese Script
An exhaustive illustrated historical compendium. Recommended.
Chinese Writing
Free downloadbale software for learning Chinese characters.
Development of the Chinese Script
An article from Harvard U. Informative but a bit dry.
The Structure of Chinese Script
An article from Harvard U. Informative but a bit dry.
Chinese and Japanese pronunciation
Same words written the same way but pronounced differently in Chinese and Japanese. Flash and audio enhanced.
Cattle Bone Characters
Picture of the first Chinese characters ever written.
Chinese Script Styles
Pictures of various Chinese script styles.
Chinese Writing
A great explanation of the Chinese writing system. Hghly recommended.
Origins of Chinese Writing
The beginnings and development of Chinese writing from oracle bone inscriptions to bamboo slip manuscripts.More links inside.
The Chinese Writing System
Overview of the Chinese written language.
Chinese Writing Reforms
Article about matching language and writing systems.
Chinese Cultural Studies: Chinese Logographic Writing
A resource on Chinese characters from City U. of New York.
Kangxi Zidian
Picture of a Chinese dictionary compiled in 1716 and containing 47,035 Chinese characters.
Chinese Writing
A brief history of Chinese characters.
Earliest Chinese Writings Found
The newly discovered inscriptions are believed to be 3,500 years old, three centuries older than previous Chinese written artifacts.
Chinese and Japanese Writing
What's the difference between the 2 scripts?
What Was Chinese Writing Like?
Now if you still didn't get the picture (no pun intended), here's a comic strip to explain how it all started.
Chinese Character Writing
Article exploring the advantages and drawbacks of using logographs.
Chinese Character Writing Sheets 
Downloadable PDF files.
Chinese Women's Script
Review of a Japanese book on the extraordinary script used by peasant women in Hunan province of China.
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