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Chinese Wedding Decorations


Chinese Wedding Decorations

A newlywed couple, the groom from France and bride from China, attend their Chinese style wedding ceremony at the Grand Sight Garden May 5, 2007 in Beijing, China. The double happiness character is often displayed at Chinese weddings.

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Most Chinese Wedding Decorations are supplied by the banquet hall or hotel reception hall. Present at nearly all Chinese weddings is the character for happiness 喜 ():. It is often hung upside down because the Chinese word 倒 (dào, upside down) sounds the same as 到 (dào, arrive). Therefore, it symbolizes the arrival of happiness.

Some betrothal gifts and dowry gifts may include pillows and blankets embroidered with double happiness. Chunlian are also hung on the doors and windows of the new couple’s home to usher in happiness and good fortune.

Other Chinese wedding decorations include lights, candles and flowers similar to those found at Western weddings. Nearly all wedding banquets have a stage for the bride and groom to stand on while an emcee or master of ceremonies makes announcements, a toast and leads the wedding festivities.

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