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How to Get Tickets to Expo 2010 Shanghai


Getting tickets to Expo 2010 Shanghai is simple.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Select a ticket type.

    • Standard Single Day: Good for one day, single entry admission; 160RMB.

    • Peak Single Day: Good for one day during peak times; 200RMB. Peak times are May 1-3, Oct. 1-7, Oct. 25-30.

    • Special Single Day: Good for one day, single entry admission for students, senior citizens, disabled guests, children and military personnel; 120RMB/peak, 100RMB/standard.

    • Evening Pass: Good for admission after 5pm on off-peak days; 90RMB.

    • Three-Day Pass: Good for admission for three days during off-peak days; 400RMB.

    • Seven-Day Pass: good for admission for one week during off-peak days. 900RMB.

  2. Purchase the Ticket.

    Within China:

    Order direct from your cellphone. China Mobile users call 12580 (Chinese only). China Telecom users call 118114 (Chinese only).

    Buy online or in-person at Bank of Communications (call 95559) and China Post (call 11185).

    Buy in person at Expo 2010 Shanghai entrance.

    Outside China

    When booking your trip to Shanghai, order tickets through authorized travel agents.


  1. For help buying tickets in English, call this hotline: 962288. This hotline is also handy for getting answers to questions or for requesting help about anything travelers and residents need to do or know about Shanghai.
  2. Ticket lines are long at the entrances to Expo 2010 Shanghai. Buy your ticket in advance.
  3. Once inside Expo 2010 Shanghai, you need a separate ticket to go to special concerts and performances sponsored by individual pavilions. Tickets to special concerts and performances are free. They are given out the day of the performance on a first-come, first-served basis. To get your tickets, look for the self-service ticket vending machines inside the Expo grounds. This should be your first stop and go as early as possible.
  4. For single day tickets, ticket holders can only enter once. If you want to leave and come back in the same day, you need to buy another ticket.
  5. Avoid the heat and crowds by visiting Expo 2010 Shanghai at night.

What You Need

  • Mobile Phone or Computer
  • Credit Card
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