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National Anthem of the Republic of China

Learn the Words to Taiwan’s National Anthem


The lyrics to the National Anthem of the Republic of China (中華民國國歌) are from a speech given in 1924 by Sun Yat-sen at the opening of the Whampoa Military Academy in Guangzhou, China.

The Three Principles of the People (三民主義) mentioned in the first line refer to Sun’s nation-building ideology. A mixture of nationalism, democracy, and socialism, the goal of Sun’s doctrine was to unify and strengthen China while also striving for economic and social equality. The three principles are: nationalism (民族主義), democracy (民權主義), and people’s livelihood (民生主義).

Lyrics to the National Anthem of the Republic of China:

Sānmín Zhǔyì, wúdǎng suǒ zōng.
Three Principles of the People, the foundation of our party.

Yǐ jiàn Mínguó, yǐ jìn dà tóng.
Using this, we establish the Republic, using this, we advance into a state of total peace.

Zī'ěr duō shì, wéi mín qiánfēng.
Oh, you, warriors; for the people, be the vanguard.

Sù yè fěi xiè, zhǔyì shì cóng.
Without resting day or night, follow the Principles.

Shǐ qín shǐ yǒng, bì xìn bì zhōng.
Swear to be diligent, swear to be courageous, obliged to be trustworthy, obliged to be loyal.

Yì xīn yì dé, guànchè shǐzhōng.
With one heart and one virtue, we carry through until the very end.

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