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Asian-American Male Celebrities

Here are notable links to famous Asian-American male celebrities that have made an impact on Asian American culture.
B.D. Wong
This fan appreciation page has great information on this actor who has been seen almost everywhere on TV.
Benjamin J. Cayetano
This Filipino-American has been the Governor of Hawaii since 1994 and has served in public office for over a quarter of a century helping to bring Hawaii out of economic stagnation.
Brandon Lee
Excellent fan site to learn more about this actor who died tragically at a very young age while filming "The Crow."
Bruce Lee
Find out more about this martial arts master who really re-defined the roles that Asians can play on American television.
David Wu
Read more about this Chinese-American congressman representing the state of Oregon in the House of Representatives. In the year 2001, he was re-elected to his second term.
Dean Cain
Mr. Showbiz's profile on tv's Superman with links and biographical information.
Deepak Chopra
Official website of this modern day guru of new age spirituality based on the concepts of healing and self-discovery.
Dustin Nguyen
Became famous as a star of the 80s show, 21 Jump Street, he is now on Pamela Anderson's V.I.P. show. Check out this fan site for some good background information.
Garrett Wang
Serious fan appreciation site for this actor who is one of the stars of Star Trek Voyager.
Gary Locke
This Chinese-American is currently the governor of Washington and he is the first person of Chinese descent to be elected to this position in U.S. history.
George Takei
Click here for more information of this famous star of Star Trek whose role as Sulu really put Asian-American males in TV.
IM Pei
One of America's most influential architects. His work has dotted almost all of the major cities in the U.S. as well as around the world. His most famous piece is the pyramid in front of Le Louvre in Paris, France. This is an excellent site with photos and biographical information.
Isamu Noguchi
This influential sculptor helped influence modernism with his collaborations with Martha Graham and other artists of the 20th century. Read on to find out more about this artist.
Jackie Chan
The official site for everything Jackie Chan who became famous for his lightning quick martial arts moves. He reached success in the U.S. with movies such as "Shanghai Noon" and "Rush Hour".
Jerry Yang
Quick fact sheet of the CEO of Yahoo.com. Gold Sea named him #8 in their list of 100 influential Asians.
Keanu Reeves
Mr. Showbiz's profile of the soft spoken star of The Matrix and other movies.
Lou Diamond Phillips
An excellent page for news, information, and pictures of this multi-heritage Filipino actor who got his start in "La Bamba." The site is not updated that frequently but will give you a good background.
Lou Diamond Phillips
About Lou Diamond Phillips with biography, news, and articles.
Michael Chang
Official web site of this Chinese-American tennis champ.
Ming Tsai
Food network's biography of this fusion cuisine chef who owns Blue Ginger in Boston, MA. He hosts two shows for the network, "East Meets West" and "Ming's Quest."
Norman Mineta
The first Asian-American cabinet member. He was elected to Clinton's administration in the position of Secretary of Commerce. George W. Bush has now chosen him to be his Secretary of Transportation.
Pat Morita
Good article on the life and roles of Pat Morita, star of "The Karate Kid" movies and "Happy Days" influencing future Asian-American actors along the way.
Rex Navarrete
The official website of this funny Filipino-American comedian. You can hear some of his hear some of his material on his website from his comedy CDs, "Husky Boy" and "Badly Browned".
Rick Yune
Official Site of this Korean-American model/actor who got his break in the film, "Snow Falling on Cedars".
Rob Schneider
Good start to find out more information on this very funny half Filipino comedian who got his break in the cast of "Saturday Night Live" and other sitcoms.
Russell Wong
Read on to find out more about this star of the TV show "Vanishing Son" from this fan site with pictures and other information.
Sammo Hung
Check out the official site of this actor from Hong Kong who gained reknown for his role on the CBS TV series, "Martial Law" (1998-2000).
Sandy Dalal
At the age of 21, this fashion designer of haute couture won the prestigious Perry Ellis award for menswear from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.
Tiger Woods
Produced by CBS Sportsline, this site contains everything you need to know about this Asian and African-American sports star.
Yo Yo Ma
Sony Classical's official site on this very influential Asian-American cellist who has worked with modern musicians as well.
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