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China Blogs Worth Reading


English language China blogs allow readers to get the inside scoop on China or a new perspective on life in China. Many China blogs are written by journalists and foreigners living in China and overseas Chinese living outside China. While hundreds of China blogs exist, here are a few worth reading. Don't see your favorite China blog on this list? Share your favorite China blog here and it will be added to the list.

China Digital Times

China Digital Times is a bilingual source of China news that is blocked in China. The blog includes translations of Chinese news, breaking news and suggested readings. China Digital Times is run by the China Internet Project at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California Berkeley.


China/Divide is written by Stan Abrams, Charles Custer, and Kai Pan. It focuses on social and political commentary and includes translations and analysis of Chinese news along with spirited debates.


ChinaGeeks is a bilingual blog featuring translations of Chinese news and commentary of socio-political issues. The blog is written by several bloggers including Charles Custer of China/Divide.


chinaSMACK features translations of what’s hot and happening on Chinese Internet, including stories, photos, videos and social networking chats and netizens’ comments about them. Started in July 2008, chinaSMACK is updated daily and has a large following.


Danwei (单位) covers media, advertising and urban issues. The website’s name means ‘work unit’ in Mandarin which refers to old state-run companies in China. Danwei features the work of regular contributors Jeremy Goldkorn, Joel Martinsen, Eric Mu, and Alice Xin Liu and guest contributors.


Written by Josh Summers, FarWestChina focuses on life in Xinjiang as experienced by Summers, who spent nearly four years teaching English in Xinjiang. Now living in Texas, Summers continues to update the blog in the hopes of changing the world’s perception of Xinjiang.


Since 2005, Shanghaiist has been reporting on news, events, food and entertainment in Shanghai. Shanghaiist is part of Gothamist LLC.

Veggie Discourse

Veggie Discourse is a blog written by a blogger named PH. The blog features PH’s commentary on what the author finds interesting on the Internet.

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