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Chinese TV: Guide to CCTV 9


CCTV 9 or CCTV News is China Central Television’s English-language news channel. There are 20 shows, ranging from newscasts to Chinese language learning programs, that air 24 hours a day.

What Shows Are on CCTV 9?

  • Asia Today: Anchors Edwin Maher and Zou Yue present news stories about Asia. The 30-minute show airs multiple times daily.

  • Biz Asia: As the name suggests, Biz Asia features business stories. Kimberley Harper presents the latest business stories while commentator Patrick Chovanec and special guests discuss the latest business news.

  • Biz Talk: Hosted by Rui Chenggang, Biz Talk features one-on-one 30-minute interviews with business leaders and policymakers, who offer insight into their businesses, business practices and thoughts on doing business in China.

  • Centre Stage: First aired in 1995, Centre Stage is a 30-minute entertainment show featuring performances, interviews and presentations of various performing arts including folk songs, dance, opera, and popular music. The show is hosted by Greta Georges.

  • China 24: China 24 is a newscast anchored by Kajese Vimbayi, Zhang Ling, and Zou Yue. It features news stories from the past 24 hours.

  • Crossover: This 30-minute daily talk show features chats among hosts Ji Xiaojun and Eyee Hsu and guests on topics ranging from World Cup to online dating.

  • Culture Express: Hosted by Yin Chen and Ji Xiaojun, each episode is divided into seven segments: The List, Stylewatch, Spotlight, Interview, Bookshelf, 24/7, and Chopsticks.

    The List features profiles on famous artists including painters, designers and actors. Stylewatch focuses on fashion, nightlife and trends. Spotlight presents reports on the latest cultural events in China. Interview is one-on-one interviews with Ji and various artists while Bookshelf features interviews with Ji and authors. 24/7 presents a roundup of worldwide cultural events. Chopsticks is a cooking lesson introducing viewers to a new Chinese dish each episode.

  • Dialogue: Dialogue is a news magazine program focused on current affairs. Hosted by Tian Wei and Yang Rui, the show features guests ranging from world leaders to ambassadors who discuss current events. The show also has two current affairs commentators, Victor Zhikai Gao and Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer, who regularly appear on the show.

  • Journeys in Time: Journeys in Time is a 45-minute show which mainly investigates Chinese history and cultural development in single episodes or in multi-part series. The show’s host is Dang Bing.

  • Learning Chinese: This series of short thematic Chinese language learning programs includes Chinese Contest, Communicate in Chinese, Easy Chinese, Happy Chinese, Special Chinese, Sports Chinese, and Travel in Chinese. The short lessons range from beginner to advance level.

  • Nature and Science: Hosted by Zhu Jun, Nature and Science features single episode and special series on nature and science.

  • News Hour: News Hour is 60-minutes of the latest world and national news hosted by Liu Xin and James Chau.

  • New Money: Anchors Huo Deming and Yang Rui present stories of start-up companies and interviews with company executives.

  • News Update: News Update is a brief update of the day’s top news stories presented by James Chau, Edwin Maher, Kajese Vimbayi, Liu Xin, and Zou Yue.

  • Rediscovering China: Rediscovering China explores contemporary Chinese culture and social changes from a foreign perspective. All the hosts – Murray Clive, Charlotte Howard, and Tom Shanahan – are foreigners.

  • Sport Scene: Sport Scene is a 15-minute sports newscast featuring the day’s top sports news hosted by Jonas Gilbert, Tony Perkins, and Nick Jones. The weekend edition is 30-minutes.

  • Story Board: Each episode of Story Board is devoted to an in-depth look at a story in the news.

  • Travelogue: Travelogue’s hosts, Marc Edwards, Greta Georges, and Yin Chen travel throughout China and share their experiences.

  • World Insight: Hosted by Tian Wei, World Insight features discussions about current news stories.

When Can I Watch CCTV 9?

CCTV's program schedule is virtually the same every day with some repeat broadcasts. Shows are 15-minutes to one hour. Shows run 24 hours a day, seven days a week with short commercial breaks before, during and after each show. The CCTV 9 schedule is here.

Where Can I Watch CCTV 9?

CCTV 9 is available inside China as part of regular television service. Most CCTV 9 shows can be seen live on CCTV 9’s website.

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