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Chinese Writers: Meet Writer Mian Mian


China’s literary wild child, Mian Mian, writes frank novels about once taboo subjects like night life, drug abuse, and promiscuous sex. Mian Mian is considered part of China’s New Generation of writers.

Name: Mian Mian (棉棉)

Gender: Female

Genre: Fiction

Language: Chinese (Mandarin) and English

Who Is Mian Mian?

Mian Mian is a modern Chinese writer who writes novels, several semiautobiographical, about provocative topics like drug use, suicide, sex and love affairs. Several of her books have been banned in China making black market and online copies of her books popular.

Mian Mian’s first book, 啦啦啦 (La La La), is a semi-autobiographical collection of short stories written in Chinese. Literary critics began to take notice after her second book, (Tang, Candy) was translated into English in 2003. Another semi-autobiographical novel, Candy is told by narrator, Hong, who leaves Shanghai after a friend’s suicide and gets sucked into the nightlife scene in Shenzhen.

Mian Mian's latest book is 熊猫 (Xiong Mao, Panda Sex). Set in Shanghai, the book centers on a couple’s inactive sex life and experiment with an open relationship.

Why You Should Know Mian Mian:

Mian Mian writes about China’s social misfits, a topic largely overlooked in Chinese novels. She sued Google in 2009 for scanning one of her books into its online library. The book was later removed. Mian Mian starred in 2001’s Shanghai Panic, a film adaptation of her book 我们害怕 (Women Hai Pa, We Are Panic).

Mian Mian’s Life:

Born Wang Shen in 1970, Mian Mian dropped out of prestigious Yanji School in Shanghai and soon after headed to Shenzhen, which is the setting for many of her books. She became heavily involved in the nightlife there and developed an addiction to heroin. Her father is a civil engineer and her mother teaches Russian.

Now clean and sober, Mian Mian also promotes local music in Shanghai. Briefly married to a British man, Mian Mian is divorced and has a daughter, Prudence.


  • 啦啦啦 (La La La), 1997

  • 我们害怕 (Women Hai Pa, We Are Panic) 2001

  • (Tang, Candy), 2000 (Chinese), 2003 (English) Compare Prices

  • 盐酸情人 (Yansuan Qingren, Acid Lover), 2002

  • 每个好孩子都有糖吃 (Mei Ge Hao Haizi Dou You Tang Chi, Every Good Child Deserves to Eat Candy), 2002

  • 社交舞 (Shejiao Wu, Social Dance), 2002

  • 九个目标的欲望 (Jiu Ge Mubiao de Yuwang, Nine Objects of Desire), 2002

  • 熊猫 (Xiong Mao, Panda Sex), 2004


  • Shanghai Panic (2001) – Cantonese with English subtitles Compare Prices
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