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Chinese Music: Chinese Musicians (A-Z)


From Cantopop and dance music to classical and rock, Chinese singers create some of the best music.

Carsick Cars

Carsick Cars
Carsick Cars
Carsick Cars is one of China’s most influential and internationally known rock bands.

Cui Jian

Known as the "Father of Chinese Rock" artist Cui Jian has been entertaining audiences for over two decades. Now he is venturing into the world of Chinese rap.

DJ Wordy

DJ Wordy
Photo courtesy of DJ Wordy
DJ Wordy is one of China’s most famous turntablists and China’s first international disc jockey.

Eason Chan

Cantopop Singer Eason Chan
Getty Images
Cantopop icon Eason Chan is a singer, songwriter, and actor from Hong Kong.


Mixing traditional Mongolian folk songs with modern sounds, Hanggai is one of China’s most unique bands.


Twin brothers Julio Acconci and Dino Acconci are a singing-songwriting rock duo.
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