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CY Leung: Learn about Hong Kong’s Leader CY Leung


CY Leung is Hong Kong’s chief executive.

Name: Chun-ying Leung (梁振英)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: August 12, 1954

Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Who Is CY Leung?:

CY Leung is Hong Kong’s Chief Executive. Leung was elected by Hong Kong’s Election Committee, a 1,200-member committee consisting mostly of business leaders and Hong Kong’s elite. Leung began his career working for Jones Lang Wootton, a real estate consulting firm in Hong Kong, and later opened his own surveying firm, CY Leung & Co. Leung became involved in local politics when he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Basic Law Consultancy Committee. In 1997, Leung was elected to the Executive Council of Hong Kong,

Why You Should Know CY Leung:

Leung is rumored to be a closet member of China’s Communist Party and supportive of the Chinese government. Leung is seen as an acceptable choice by Beijing to lead Hong Kong. Leung has vowed to bring universal suffrage to Hong Kong by the next chief executive election in 2017 and tackle the giant wealth gap in Hong Kong.

CY Leung’s Life:

The son of a policeman, Leung went to primary school in Hong Kong. Leung studied surveying at Hong Kong Polytechnic before heading overseas to study estate management at Bristol Polytechnic in the United Kingdom. Leung is married to Regina Leung Tong Ching-yee and has two daughters and one son: Chuen-yan Leong, Chai-yan Leong, and Chung-yan Leong.

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