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Get help with Chinese translation and learning Chinese in the Chinese Culture Forum.

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Welcome to the Chinese Culture Forum! This is the place to post comments, ask questions, and say whatever is on your mind. Learn how the Chinese Culture Forum is setup to easily navigate your way through the Chinese Culture Forum.

Culture, Holidays, Festivals & Traditions: This is the place to discuss, share stories, and ask questions about Chinese culture and traditions, such as holidays, festivals, cuisine, and traditional activities.

Chinese Language Questions & Translation: This is the place to discuss, share stories and ask questions related to speaking, learning, studying and appreciating the Chinese language. Be it Cantonese, Mandarin, or local dialects like Fujianese and Taiwanese, this is the place to learn the ins and outs of the Chinese language. To find a teacher, buy language learning materials or set up a language exchange, please post a message in the Chinese Classes, Language Exchange, & Penpals area.

Chinese Art: This is the place to discuss Chinese art, including artists, artwork, artistic styles/movements, exhibitions, museums and galleries. Have a favorite Chinese artist? Share him or her with other readers. Been to a great exhibit, museum or gallery? Let everyone know. Artists, galleries and museums are invited to post their comments and announcements regarding upcoming projects and exhibits.

Chinese Music & Opera: This is the place to discuss and to share your favorite Chinese songs, singers, bands, composers and operas. Got a question about Chinese music, Chinese opera, or Chinese instruments? Ask your question here. Musicians and promoters, feel free to post announcements regarding concerts, music festivals and new albums here.

Chinese Dance & Theater: Seen a great dance recital, musical, or play related to China or performed by a Chinese dance company or theater company? This is the place to announce and recommend great dance and theater shows. Have a question about traditional Chinese dance or theater? Ask it here.

Chinese Films & TV Shows: This is the place to discuss Chinese films, Chinese TV shows, and the actors and actresses that appear in them. Share your favorite movies and TV shows, discuss the latest celebrity gossip and ask questions regarding Chinese film and TV. Announcements from film and TV production companies and PR firms about upcoming Chinese film and TV productions and film festivals is also encouraged.

Chinese Books, Writers & Media: This is the place to discuss Chinese writers (past and present), your favorite book or author, the lastest books about China, and the media in China (both domestic and foreign). Chinese and foreign writers, journalists and bloggers are encouraged to share their lastest books, articles and posts related to China. Read a great article in a newspaper, magazine or blog? Share it here.

General Topics: Have something to say but don't know where to post? Post your comments here. Have a question but not sure where to ask? Post it here too.

Family & Kids, Dating, Relationships: This is the place to discuss, share stories, give advice and ask questions about inter-racial relationships, dating, Chinese family structures and roles, raising children in China, and adoption from China.

Chinese History: Have a question or want to learn more about Chinese history? Read all about history here. Want to debate the past? Here's your place to discuss Chinese history.

Chinese Medicine: This is the place to discuss, to share stories and to ask questions about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). To buy or sell Chinese medicine products, please post in the Commercial Marketplace area.

Chinese Classes, Language Exchange, & Penpals: This is the place for companies, schools and teachers selling Chinese lessons and Chinese language learning products and for people seeking language lessons and penpals.

Chinese News, Current Events and US-China Relations: This is the place to discuss and ask questions about the latest Chinese news, current events, trends and the current state of US-China Relations.

China Travel: Planning a trip to China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan and need some tips? Here's the place to ask questions and get travel advice from those in the know. Have some great memories of your last trip to China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan? This is the place to share your stories, travel tips and favorite places.

Sports, Athletes & Games: This is the place to discuss Chinese sports teams, Chinese athletes and Chinese games.

Commercial Marketplace: Got something Chinese related to sell? From Chinese flashcards to Asian erectile dysfunction potions, post 'em here. To sell or buy Chinese lessons and related language learning products, post your messages in the Chinese Classes, Language Exchange & Penpal area.

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