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When people think of Confucianism, they usually think of Confucius. But Mencius is another critical figure in the history of Confucianism and Chinese thought, and his opinion on the nature of man in particular is of paramount importance in understanding Confucian thought.

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John Woo

John Woo is a Hong Kong film director best known for his "gun-fu" style of high-intensity action films.

2009 Urumqi Riots

One of China's most shocking violent outbursts in recent history led to a new era of internet policy and a more propaganda-savvy government.


Sina is one of China's earliest, biggest, and most successful internet companies.


Legalism was a Chinese political philosophy that advocated the control of society via strict laws and harsh punishments for violators.


Baidu is one of China's biggest and most influential internet companies.


Mohism was an ancient Chinese philosophy epsoused by the followers of Mozi during the Warring States period, but it failed to catch on the way Daoism and Confucianism did.


Xunzi, the third most important thinker in Confucianism, is best known for advocating the opposite position from Mencius: that humans are inherently bad.


Mencius was a Chinese philosopher who was considered the second most important figure in Confucianism.

The Yangshao Culture

The Yangshao civilization in central China is one of China's earliest societies, yet it was surprisingly advanced.

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua is one of China's oldest and most respected universities, but like many Chinese schools, it has had a difficult path into the present.

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