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One-Stop Chinese Culture
Traditions and Cultures:
Chinese manners, birthday customs, the Silk Road, Chinese qipao, Chinese wedding, papercut, double happiness, and more.  
  Travel and Cities:
Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Dunhuang, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Xian, the Terra Cotta Warriors, and more.  
Fable Stories:
Includes many Chinese fables, stories, legends, proverbs, Confucius sayings, and Tea Quotes.  
  Legends and Gods:
Articles about gate gods, kitchen god, Nv Wa, Pan Gu, Chinese tales, legends, and folk stories.  
Chinese Festival & Holidays:
About festivals and holidays including Chinese new year, dragon boat festival, lantern festival, moon festival, etc. 
  Food & Recipes:
Chinese food recipes, cooking books, dim sum, dumpling & soup, food & tea cultures, rice story, and more.  
Chinese Arts:
Chinese arts and folk arts including papercut, painting, and more.  
  Legends and Gods:
Articles about gate gods, kitchen god, Nv Wa, Pan Gu, Chinese tales, legends, and folk stories.  
Chinese Games:
Includes Chinese chess, go, majong, Si Guo War, Chinese yo-yo, and the eagle and the chicks.  
  News & Events:
Articles about Chinese marriage, the elderly, sex in traditional Chinese culture, and more.  
Stories of Confucius, Li Bai, Bao Zheng, Qi Baishi, Zhu Rongji and more.  
  Other Articles:
About Chinese music, qigong, how to read Chinese, sports, Project Hope, and more.  
Chinese Names :
A list of popular English names and their corresponding Chinese names by gender, and articles about Chinese names.  
  Chinese Words:
Here is a collection of frequently asked Chinese characters in GIF format and name of China in Chinese.  
China Photo Gallery:
A large library of photos taken in Beijing, Shanghai and other places.  
  Chinese Clip Art:
Chinese figures and patterns from different dynasties, including pottery patterns and lucky figures.  
Chinese Idioms:
Chinese idioms in GIF format with English explanations.  
  China Experience:
Stories, daily reports, pictures and reflections from China trips.  
Chinese Customs:
Chinese customs and traditions including wedding, birthday, eating, funeral customs and more.  
Resources of dragon design, dragon stories and legends, dragon dancing and dragon boat racing festivel.  
Chinese Pages:
If you read Chinese, this is the page for you.  
  CIA World Fact Book:
The CIA world fact book about China, including a map of China.  
Ethnic Minorities:
Brief introduction of the 55 ethnic minorities in China.  
  Chronicle of PRC:
Brief introduction of the People's Republic of China from 1949 to 1999. 
Chinese-English Dictionary:
An online Chinese-English dictionary based on CEDICT, containing over 20,000 Chinese words.  
  White Papers:
White papers about China's human rights, family planning, religious belief, Taiwan issues and more. 
China Flag and Name:
The name of China in Chinese and the picture of China Flag.  
  Top Picks:
The short lists of the best things you may need to learn Chinese culture or enjoy things from China.  

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