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Chinese Customs and Traditions
Guide picks
Resources of Chinese customs and traditions including wedding, eating, funeral customs and more.

Top 5 Books on Chinese Tradition
To learn Chinese customs and traditions, check out the top 5 books here.

Chinese Eating Customs
Chinese banquet and everyday eating customs.

Festivals and Holidays
Resources of Chinese festivals and holidays, Chinese new year.

Traditions and Culture
A list of articles about Chinese traditions.

Wedding Customs and Traditions
Articles and links of Chinese wedding customs and traditions.

Funeral Customs
Resources of traditional Chinese funeral customs and ceremony.

Birthday Customs of the Newborn and Elderly
Chinese people put their family in a very important position as they regard it as a means to keep the family blood stream continuously running.

Babyhood and Naming a Child
Some traditions of naming a child.

Chinese Cultural Tradition and Modern Human Rights
An article by Albert H Y CHEN.

Chinese customs, superstitions and traditions
Includes traditions about pregnancy and childbirth, babyhood & naming a child, marriage customs and preparations, and more.

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