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Ghost, Hell and Heaven
Guide picks
Info about Chinese ghost, hell, heaven, gods and afterlife.

Chinese Ghost
There are many ghosts in Chinese culture. Ghosts have been believed and worshipped by Chinese for a few thousand years.

Pictures of gods, temples, people, Buddha and more.

Chinese After Death
When human die, the soul may use 7 days to know he's died (If he's die by accident) or immediately. 18 levels of hell.

Some Chinese Ghost Stories
The connection between ghosts and humour is obvious, yet as mysterious as both.

Belief in Forces of Death Shape Chinese Spirituality
For the ancient Chinese, from emperors to peasants, life and death were inseparable and continuous.

Chinese Gods Glossary
A quick reference covers the basics behind many of the more popular Chinese gods.

Chinese Superstitions and Beliefs
Some info about Pan Gu, life and death.

Folk Prints --- Religious Prints
Ghost money is not counterfeit currency but sacrificial tender used to worship gods and ancestors, and intended for use in the afterlife by the departed.

A Chinese Ghost Story
A landmark example of the Hong Kong "magical-action" genre, having its roots within both Chinese legend and spectacular martial arts choreography.

A Chinese Ghost Story.
One of the finest examples of the HK wire work filmmaking out there.

Go to Myths and Legends
Resources of Chinese myths, legends, tales and stories.

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