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Hong Kong Movie
Guide picks
Links to sites devoted to Hong Kong movies and stars.

Heroic Cinema
A guide to where to find Hong Kong Movies in Australia, including television, video and cinemas.

HK Film Top Ten Box Office
Weekly HKSAR film top ten box office from alt.asian-movies and soc.culture.hongkong.entertainment.

Hong Kong Cinema
A searchable collection of Hong Kong movies. Also with awards results and movie news. In both English and Chinese.

Hong Kong Film Critics Society
Reviews and short essays on current Hong Kong films in both English and Chinese.

Hong Kong International Film Festival
Information about the Festival.

Hong Kong MovieBase
A collection of Hong Kong movies in both English and Chinese.

Jet Li's Official Site
An informative site about Jet Li and his films.

Includes reviews of the movies from Hong Kong and a good list of people related to Hong Kong Cinema.

Martial Artist's Guide to Hong Kong Films
Review of Hong Kong kunfu films with ratings and a list of kunfu films. In English.

MC4's Hong Kong Movie Page
Review and movie news of Hong Kong films in English.

Movieworld Hong Kong
Resources about Hong Kong Movies, including news, showing schedule, current office, movie forum and poll.

Now Playing in New York City Theatres
Weekly showing information in New York City Theatres for Hong Kong movies.

Tai Seng Video Marketing
A distributor of laser disc, video and videoCD (VCD) of Hong Kong movies/films for the U.S. and Canada.

Toronto's Hong Kong Cinemas
To find what's showing this week at Toronto's main locations for Hong Kong movies.

Twinkle Online
Includes international and Hong Kong movie posters.

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