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Frequently Asked Chinese Symbols

There are over 80,000 Chinese symbols (characters), but most of them are seldom used today. So how many Chinese characters do you need to know? For basic reading and writing of modern Chinese, you only need a few thousands. Here are the coverage rates of the most frequently used Chinese characters:

Most frequently used 1,000 characters: ~90% (Coverage rate)
Most frequently used 2,500 characters: 98.0% (Coverage rate)
Most frequently used 3,500 characters: 99.5% (Coverage rate)

The following is a collection of Chinese characters in gif format. You may click on the Chinese character using the Right Key of your Mouse, then click 'Save Image As...' to download the character. If the character you are looking for is not here, please let me know. Please send the most important words for you only. We don't translate sentences.

For an English word, the Chinese translation (or the Chinese 'word') often consists of two or more Chinese characters. You should use them together and read them from left to right. If you want to arrange them vertically, the one on the leftmost should go to the top. In a few cases, two Chinese 'words' are listed for an English word, which are separated by a ','. The index below is in English.

Chinese Character Index:

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More Chinese Symbols:

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