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Chinese Music Instruments
Introduction and Listening to Samples

Music is one of the four arts in ancient China. The history of Chinese music can be dated back to about 7,000 years ago.

Chinese music instruments may be classified into the following three categories, string, wind, and percussion instruments. String instruments may be further divided into the two sub categories, bowed string instruments and plucked string instruments. They were also traditionally classified by the material of which they were made.

Samples of traditional Chinese music are plenty on the Net. Here are a few samples of the bowed string instruments. The samples are very short, but you can get some ideas about those instruments. An erhu is one of the bowed string instruments and here is a sample of it by Lei Qiang. If you know Chinese, check out this Web site devoted to the erhu. A pipa belongs to the category of the plucked string instruments. Here are some pipa solo pieces performed by Liu Fang in mp3 format. A guqin is another important plucked string instrument, which is similar to a seven-stringed zither.

The wind instruments are very popular in China. A dizi, the simplest wind instrument, is particularly popular since it is a low cost instrument and relatively easy to learn. The dizi is traditionally made of bamboo. Here are a few samples of the wind instruments by Lam Si-Kwan. Also check out a few samples by David Chu.

If you are looking for the masterpieces of Chinese traditional music, here are a few links for you. Audio files are usually quite big, so be patient with those files. Cyberexpress has a collection of Classic Favorites by Chinese music instruments in Chinese.

To find more information about Chinese music, please go to the Chinese music links on this site. Chinese music is a part of this wonderful world and hope you enjoy it.

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