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How to Read Chinese on the Net

To read Chinese on the Net becomes quite easy now. We will discuss how to read Chinese on the Net using either Internet Explorer or Netscape.

To view Chinese characters, you will need to have the Chinese encoding enabled for your browser. The browser may ask you to install the Chinese font if you have not done it yet. We use mainly the Chinese simplified font so you should download the simplified font.

If you use Internet Explorer, follow the steps: View -> Encoding -> Chinese Simplified (or More -> Chinese Simplified). Please disable Auto-Select (View -> Encoding -> Auto-Select).

If you use Netscape, follow the steps: View -> Character Coding -> Chinese Simplified (or More -> East Asian -> Chinese Simplified). Please set Auto-Detect to Chinese Simplified (View -> Character Coding -> Auto-Detect -> Simplified Chinese).

If you have problems to download Chinese fonts, please use this link. Make sure to download Microsoft Global IME for Chinese (Simplified) - with Language Pack. Install it following the instructions from Microsoft. If you have Windows XP, you may download the Global IME here.

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