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Chinese Flower: Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemums (菊, ju) are one of the most ubiquitous Chinese flowers.

Chrysanthemums symbolize: autumn, long life, duration.

The word for chrysanthemum is close to ju (居, , 'to remain'). Plus, chrysanthemums are associated with the ninth lunar month. Nine (九, jiǔ) sounds exactly like long time (久, jiǔ) so chrysanthemums also symbolize long life and duration.

The best time to pick chrysanthemums is on lunar Sept. 9 because of the nines in the date sound similar to the Chinese word for chrysanthemum.

Famous Pictures and Sayings Related to the Chrysanthemum:

  • Chrysanthemum and pine tree: songjuyoucun = may the recipient have a long life.
  • Grasshopper sitting on a chrysanthemum: jiuguan = may the recipient occupy a high official rank for a long time (gua’r = grasshopper sounds like guan = official rank).
  • Chrysanthemum with nine quails: jiushitongju = may nine generations live under one roof in peace. The quail is (鵪鶉, Ānchún) with the 安 in the Chinese word for peace (平安, píngān).

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