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Chinese Toasts

Learn How to Make a Toast in Chinese


Chinese Toasts

Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng Kai Wah and his bride Shi Yangzi pour champagne into glasses during their wedding ceremony at the Shangri-La Hotel Sept. 8, 2007 in Changchun, Jilin Province, China.

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Whether you’re ringing in Chinese New Year with a bottle of champagne, making a toast at a wedding, or drinking 白酒 (báijiǔ, a popular type of Chinese alcohol) with your friends, here are some Chinese toasts.

Raise your glass as you give the toast. Depending on where you are, your fellow drinkers will either raise their glasses and then drink, clink glasses and then drink, or tap the bottom of the glasses against the table and then drink.

  • 乾杯 (Gānbēi) – Cheers (This toast indicated you want each person to empty the glass in one gulp).
  • 隨意 (Suíyì) – Cheers (This toast indicates you want each person to drink as he or she wishes).
  • 萬壽無疆 (Wàn shòu wú jiāng) – a toast for longevity and health.

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