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Chinese Wedding Gifts


Red Envelope

Red envelopes are given out during Chinese weddings, Chinese New Year, and other holidays.

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In lieu of gifts, Chinese wedding guests give a red envelope called 紅包 (hóngbāo). If you go to a wedding, the money in the red envelope should be equivalent to a nice gift that would be given at a Western wedding. It should be enough money to cover the guest’s expense at the wedding. For example, if the wedding dinner costs the newlyweds US$35 per person, then the money in the envelope should be at least US$35. In Taiwan, typical amounts on money are: NT$1,200, NT$1,600, NT$2,200, NT$2,600, NT$3,200 and NT$3,600.

The amount of money is relative to your relationship to the recipient - the closer your relationship to the bride and groom, the more money that is expected. Immediate family like parents and siblings give more money than casual friends. It is not uncommon for business partners to be invited to weddings. Business partners often put more money in the envelope to strengthen the business relationship.

As Chinese weddings become infused with Western traditions, traditional Western wedding gifts are more acceptable than before though the couple will rarely have a registry or release a list of wanted gifts. Be careful when selecting a gift and beware of what not to buy.

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