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Chinese Holidays


From Chinese New Year to the Dragon Boat Festival, learn everything you need to know to celebrate all the Chinese holidays and festivals. From how to prepare and how to decorate to what to eat, what to do, and what to wear, get ready to celebrate these special Chinese holidays.
  1. Chinese Holidays - Winter
  2. Chinese Holidays - Spring
  3. Chinese Holidays - Summer
  1. Chinese Holidays - Fall
  2. Special Chinese Rituals
  3. Chinese Holiday Prep

Chinese Holidays - Winter

Chinese New Year: Lantern Festival

As the temperature drops, the holiday season heats up in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Chinese Holidays - Spring

Dragon Boat Eye-Dotting Ceremony

As the temperature rises and flowers bloom, Chinese holiday festivities are taken outdoors.

Chinese Holidays - Summer

Valentine's Day

Chinese holidays are a part of the summertime fun.

Chinese Holidays - Fall

Confucius Temple Ceremony

While fall is full of Chinese holidays, learn how to celebrate Western holidays with a Chinese twist.

Special Chinese Rituals

Chinese Wedding Pictures

Learn how the Chinese celebrate special events like weddings, births and birthdays.

Chinese Holiday Prep

Chinese Etiquette - Chinese Business Meetings

Get ready for Chinese holidays and special events by learning proper Chinese etiquette, preparing perfect gifts, and avoiding taboos.

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