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Chinese Fortune: What Are Your Lucky and Unlucky Years?


Year of the Rat
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Knowing whether you’re hot, cold, or neutral (yin or yang) helps determine your fortune plus other things like what your lucky and unlucky years are. While other factors including a person’s general luckiness also play a role in how lucky a person could be in a particular year. Lucky years are determined by the Chinese zodiac, a 12-year cycle with one of 12 animals assigned to each year.

Yang (Hot or Neutral People of Yang Nature) Lucky Yearss

  • Rat: Major Good Luck
  • Ox: Good Luck
  • Tiger : A Little Bad Luck
  • Rabbit: A Little Bad Luck
  • Dragon: A Little Good Luck
  • Snake : Bad Luck
  • Horse : Major Bad Luck
  • Goat: Bad Luck
  • Monkey: A Little Good Luck
  • Rooster: A Little Good Luck
  • Dog: A Little Bad Luck
  • Pig: Good Luck

Yin Unlucky Years (Cold or Neutral People of Yin Nature)

  • Rat: Major Bad Luck
  • Ox: Bad Luck
  • Tiger : A Little Good Luck
  • Rabbit: A Little Good Luck
  • Dragon: No Change
  • Snake : Good Luck
  • Horse : Major Good Luck
  • Goat: Good Luck
  • Monkey: A Little Bad Luck
  • Rooster: A Little Bad Luck
  • Dog: A Little Good Luck
  • Pig: Luck Starts to Get Worse

Disclaimer: Consulting a Chinese almanac like 2011 Chinese Almanac by Peter So (ISBN 978-988-1905-6-9) or a fortune teller will help you find a detailed, more personal fortune. The 2011 Chinese Almanac by Peter So (ISBN 978-988-1905-6-9) was consulted to compile the information provided here, which is for entertainment purposes only.

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